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1) Check-in with us

Your Kay's experience starts the moment you walk in the door. One of Kay's highly trained staff members will greet you with a smile, check you in, and then provide you with a refreshment of your choosing.

Tip: Arrive 15 minutes early to check-in with us.

2) Start your session

Every Kay's treatment start promptly at your appointed time. Before that time every treatment room is thoroughly sanitized and prepared for your arrival. Sheets are changed, facial tools are replaced, new sanitation covers are put in place, and fresh filtered water is obtained.

Tip: Make sure you are in a comfortable position.

3) Inspection

Kay's treatments start with a facial inspection to identify your skin type and problem areas.

Tip: Let your esthetician know about any specific details.

4) Custom care

Kay's licensed esthetician will select the facial products to use for your treatment based on the inspection findings and your personal goals.

5) Cleansing & Exfoliation

To obtain the best beauty results your Kay's esthetician begins by cleansing your face and removing your old dead skin. This practice is extremely important because it not only exposes new skin cells from your dermis but also removes irritants and bacteria, which are the root cause of blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads.

6) Steaming

Having made room for new beautiful skin the next step in Kay's process is to open your pores through the use of special facial steaming equipment.

7) Extraction

Once your facial pores are fully open your Kay's esthetician can start extracting all your troublesome blackheads and whiteheads.

8) Pore closing & disinfection

Once the extraction process is finished your Kay's esthetician will disinfect your face with a special serum that kills bacteria. Following disinfection a special machine is used to close your pores and reduce redness in your face.

9) Firming Machine

Kay's RF Skin Rejuvenation technology will reduce wrinkles, lift your face, and create new collagen. Although beneficial effects will occur immediately after your first treatment, it generally takes five or more treatments to view obvious results.

Tip: Continuous improvement can be obtained for up to 6 months.

10) Acne Machine (optional)

Kay's acne machine uses specialized LED lights, which penetrates your facial surface to relieve and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin. In addition, these special LED lights also removes acne scars and control the spread of future acne.

11) Purifying Massage

A special detoxifying message that improves blood circulation and promote lymphatic function. Stimulation to your lymphatic system encourages healing and overall bodily function.

Tip: Close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing massage.

12) Facial mask

An energizing treatment that helps improve cellular regeneration and natural defenses. Ensures skin regeneration, elasticity and suppleness.

Tip: If you are tired, feel free to take a quick nap.

13) Wrap-up

Your Kay's treatment will end with a wrap-up session focused on answering your questions, providing you with home skin care tips, and establish a plan of action to obtain your beauty goals.

Tip: Remember to book your next appointment.

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